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Cash vs. Insurance

Why Choose Cash Based vs Traditional Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Models? 


You pay a lot for your health insurance, you want to make good use of it right? Well, you might want to think again before using it to cover your treatment. Here are some reasons you should forgo the standard physical therapy and chiropractic clinics and consider seeking treatment from an out of network practice.

Superior care -- Ways a cash based practice out-performs a standard clinic:

  • We provide one-on-one, hour-long treatment sessions with your doctor every time. You will not be shuffled between multiple therapists and/or aids or have to share your treatment session with another or sometimes two other patients. You have our individual attention for the entire visit, every visit!

  • Your doctor is energized and excited to be working with you. From first hand experience, doctors in the standard practice model are overworked and burnt out. This leads to below average care at no fault of their own. Let's be honest, it’s impossible to provide top notch care to every person when you’re juggling multiple patients at once on top of loads of documentation and unrealistic productivity standards. 

  • You will get a doctor who practices what they preach. We are committed to our own health and wellbeing as much as we are to yours. Your doctor should be able to demonstrate and perform the exercises they give to you. They should also be living the lifestyle they encourage their patients to live. If you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast, and you want to get back to your activity, you’re going to want a doctor who knows how to progress you appropriately. 

  • We make the most of your time with us. You will not be left waiting in the lobby for 20-30 mins past your appointment time only to be put on the bike for 10 minutes at the beginning of your session. Our appointments start on time with assessment and treatment that is specific to you and your goals. No time wasted. 

  • Direct contact with your doctor between sessions. In your standard clinic, if you need to get in touch with your doctor, you have to call the front office and typically leave a message and wait for a return phone call. In our model, we encourage open communication with our patients via email, call, or text directly with your therapist to answer any and all of your questions or concerns.


No restrictions or limitations -- Your plan of care should be between you and your doctor. Not you and your insurance company. 

  • Many insurance companies require a physician referral, or even worse, prior authorization. This means they will choose when you can start treatment and how many visits you get. This not only delays your start of care, it limits the amount you get. Meanwhile, your pain continues to get worse. 

  • Your insurance company will only continue to cover your care until you return to your “baseline” or “prior level of function”. Good enough is not good enough for us. Our goal is to get you beyond that. We aim to get you as strong as possible to prepare you for whatever life throws your way. 

  • We offer “wellness”, “preventative”, and “recovery” visits. You don’t have to have pain or injury to see us. If you’re starting a new exercise program or have general mobility or strength deficits that you’d like to address. Or if you’re just very sore from that tough mudder you were talked into doing last weekend. We will work with you to reduce your risk of injury and safely prepare you for progressing your exercise program. Or use manual therapy and other recovery methods to get those sore muscles and stiff joints back in working order. These types of treatments are typically not covered by insurance companies which is why you won’t find them in your standard outpatient clinics. 


Cost and time effective  -- You will typically end up SAVING money and time in the long run. 

  • More often than not, at a cash based practice, you will require less visits in total. This is because each visit is longer and provides you with a more individualized plan of care which means you get better faster!

  • You aren’t stuck with the standard 2x/week for 6-8 weeks. Your visits will typically be less frequent but more meaningful and productive. 

  • You will likely pay just as much if not more in co-pays before meeting your deductible.  This can sometimes total up to $3,000-$5,000, in the standard insurance based model. You may think you are saving money upfront, but then receive an unexpected bill 3-6 months after treatment for costs not covered by your insurance provider. 

  • We give you a clear and concise price upfront on day 1 so you are not left guessing what percentage you will be left with at the end of your visits. 

If you’ve been to Chiropractic or Physical Therapy in the past and it didn’t work, you felt like it was a waste of time or you could have just done the exercises on your own at home… Try Active Reload Chiropractic and Physiotherapy and see why we’re different!   





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