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Performance Chiropractic & Physical Therapy
Bristow, VA | Culpeper, VA

Don't let pain hold you back!
Get back to the activities you love!

Northern Virginia's Best Performance Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Clinic

Pain and injury can keep you from living the active life you want.
Don't let it!

At Active Reload, we help athletes and active individuals get out of pain, optimize function, and build resilient bodies for the future. 

Our 3 Step Process



Pain and injury can be frustrating for an individual. It can hold you back from activities you love and prevent you from reaching goals you have set. Here at Active Reload, our first step is getting you out of pain. We begin this with hands-on work and graded exposure to movement and mobility. Through this, we can usually see a large reduction of pain in only 3-4 visits. 



At Active Reload, we don't just put a band aid on the problem, we help you solve the underlying cause. Once you are out of pain, this is where we work to solve the root cause to help decrease the chance of the issue returning. During this step, we continue to work on improving strength and motor control, while also integrating functional movement and sport-specific activities.



Once you are out of pain and feeling better, it is normal to be concerned about re-injury, in fact many patients do. This is why we continue to work with you for the long run. During the later phase, we will work to bulletproof your body from pain and injury by maximizing function and continuing to progressively overload to build strength. 

The Active Reload Difference

Get the care you deserve and get back to the activities you love!

Our commitment to you:

 - Full 60 minutes, 1-on-1 with the doctor focusing on you! 

 - Personalized treatment plan based on your specific injury and/or needs.

 - Full access to your doctor to answer questions outside of treatment.

 - Visit frequency, Goals, and Treatments based off what is best for YOU, NOT what insurance tells us we can do. 

Are you ready to get out of pain, start moving better, and get your life back?

Now serving multiple locations

9413 Innovation Dr.,
Manassas, VA  20110
512 Culpeper Town Sq.,
Culpeper, VA 22701

Meet the Team

We are experienced doctors who provide individualized care in one-on-one appointments to resolve underlying causes of pain and injury and to ensure you are performing at your best!


Dr. Tyler Schnitzler, DC

Dr. Tyler specializes in treating active individuals looking to get back to their favorite activities. He takes a full body approach when diagnosing and treating his clients to help them not only help them reach their previous performance levels, but also helps take them to new levels. 

Build long term resiliency 


Dr. Katie Batiste, PT, DPT, OCS

Dr. Katie incorporates an evidence-based approach into her individualized treatment plans, which include manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercise, and sports performance training.


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